dog::links is registered as a not-for-profit association (loi de 1901) in France, n° W122004359.

We are based near Rodez in the Aveyron, France.

Thanks to the donations and amazing support we get from people like you, we manage to save 150+ lives every year… sometimes many more than that.

We help to find…

  • foster homes;
  • temporary support; and
  • permanent homes

…for dogs in need.

Foster homes
First and foremost, we desperately need people to foster dogs in immediate danger of being put down – in overcrowded shelters and refuges, at the dog pound, etc.

A few days or weeks in a foster home can be the difference between life and death for the dog. It gives us time to find the right home. This is such precious time for the dogs, who can spend time in a safe place rather than the stressful environment at the refuge or on the streets.

Permanent homes
Ultimately, we want to find permanent homes for dogs who need only companionship and affection, and who want the chance to love and trust humans again. We have people who can help transport the dogs to new homes all over France if need be.

Why help?
These dogs all need secure and loving homes – foster, temporary or permanent. Each has its own story, but they all find themselves alone, often very frightened, hungry, neglected and defenceless. Open your hearts and share your home, by giving one or more of these dogs your loving care and be rewarded by years of loyal companionship and affection in return. No matter what age, size or breed, they will each bring a new dimension to your life here in France.

Many of these dogs are still young and in danger of being euthanised due to overcrowding in the shelters and refuges, before their lives have even really begun. Some have been left behind when owners have returned to the UK, or a family crisis has meant they can no longer be cared for. Others are just abandoned through no fault of their own; and the saddest are often the old ones whom no one wants anymore.

These animals ask for so little… but they all have lots to give in return. We know from everyone that works with us and helps us that these dogs enrich the lives of their new owners.

None of this is possible without the kind and responsible PEOPLE who help us. That’s you! And this is where we make a difference, connecting the right people with each other and with the animals that need them.

Take a look at the dogs, read their stories, spread the word… and please make contact if you can help in any way at all, however small or insignificant you might think it is. All help is very welcome!

Thank you.


  1. I had my Border Collie pts yesterday and desperatley need a replacement dog. Mine was used everyday to work on the farm and met with a tragic end through no fault of his own. I am looking for another Border Collie , preferably female and under two years of age. A good, kind home is offered to the right dog and I don’t mind travelling within France to collect one. Kind regards cbp

    1. Good afternoon cbpinet

      I was sent this email a couple of days ago……I do not know the people involved, but could pass on details if you wish?

      we have had a call from James this morning telling us that the plumber Ray, has died a couple of days ago. I don’t know if you knew or had heard of him but he lived somewhere near us either Courlay or Montcoutant. He says the man was living on his own because his wife and daughter had gone back to the UK last August and there are two dogs which now urgently need help. I wondered if you would put a call out to anybody you know, perhaps the ladies club, for someone to either foster temporarily or adopt one or both. I think they are sheepdogs and unfortunately neither have their papers for the UK. I think the younger dog is in the process of getting it’s passport but the mother doesn’t seem to have anything. James has taken the younger dog for the moment but the older dog is still in the house on it’s own and as the gendarmes are involved I don’t think it will have a very pleasant future.

      Anything you can think of to help would be great.
      Hope someone can help. Please give me a quick call if you can think of anything

  2. Hi there I am a little curious about the adoption of one of your dogs. If I see a dog that I am interested in do I have to go and get him/her from the shown shelter. France is such a vast country and some of the shelters are so far away. Could someone please advise me of the procedure Many thanks Sue

  3. Hi,

    I have been given a link to your site via similar organisation in France. I’m one of the people who are in a situation where I need to bring a dog to the UK (from Thailand) and would like to avoid quarantining her for 6 months.
    Could someone contact me about how you might be able to assist me? I could not find any direct contacts here on the site.

    Very happy to have been guided here and look forward to hearing from you!

  4. It is with great regret and a heavy heart that I am looking for a new home for my two wonderful dogs. They are 2and a half year old brothers and have never spent time apart from each other. They came from the Phoenix charity at 8 weeks old and have been brought up with my 2 young children, cats and chickens. It became apparent at about a year old that they require much more attention and exercise than I can give them. It has taken all this time to make this decision and to realise that they would have a better life with someone who can give them the lifestyle they need and deserve.
    I am looking for someone to offer Toby and Hercules a brilliant new start. They are kind and loving dogs, used to a family environment and are both polite and well behaved in the house. They are Labrador / pointer cross. They are chipped, castrated and up to date with their vaccinations. (Microchip numbers: 25026902390872 and 250269602395925).
    I would be very happy to discuss any options for them.

  5. Hi, we are moving from Egypt to the UK this summer and would like to use your foster care for our dog to avoid quarantine. Would you please contact me with options and I can provide details.

    We have another dog rescued from the Egyptian streets and we cannot keep her but we have taken care of her spaying and all vaccinations. Let me know if you have options for her in shelters there because I cannot in good conscience leave her in Egypt.


  6. Hello there,

    I am looking for a puppy ages 8 – 12 weeks old, and I am currently living in the haute savoie. I was hoping you may have contact information on other rescue centres closer to us.
    any information would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  7. Hello, my family are irish but we have resettled in aigre a village in the charente about 40 mins drive from the city of angouleme. We have had dogs all our lives and because my father must continue to work in ireland where he is a lawyer, he must commute to my mum in france where she minds our house (she is retired). both of them are passionate about dogs and we have always insisted on having only unwanted dogs and pups in need of good homes, and my family wish to find my mother a new member of the family for her birthday this june. I will be in france in the next few weeks to make enquiries but would love any information you might have in regard to the possibility of finding a Jack Russell PUP or other little terrier pup that might be suitable. dogs are treated as loved and cared for members of our family and my parents take the responsibility of selecting and raising pups very seriously. Would be wonderful if you could help but if not please suggest anyone you think might. I know pups are not what you are focusing on but at my mums age an older rescue dog is more challenging for her to retrain and a pup is what I know she has her heart set on in order to fully bond.

    merci beaucoup

    stephanie o’brien

  8. Hi, I am currently living in Beirut Lebanon but am returning to the UK in July. I have a white mixed german shepherd who will be one year old at the time of travel. Can you give me some info about keeping him in France so he doesn’t need to go to a boarding kennel? Thank you so much!

  9. We will be in dept 72 for the summer and may be able to foster a bitch between June and September if there’s someone out there who needs our support. We already have a male dobermann, who, whilst our baby, is quite jealous and will only tolerate smaller dogs. We’d love to be able to help someone out as I cannot imagine life without our dog, even if only for a few days and I’d like to think there was another animal lover out there to help us if we needed it. Apollo would especially like a play-mate for the summer. We have 3 acres for fun and digging and outbuildings for ratting and sleeping the warm summer days away.

  10. I am desperately looking for homes for 3 of my dogs.I have 7 dogs but need to rehome 3 as we are moving in 6 weeks to a house that I am only allowed 4.
    Balou ,male newfoundland cross,intact but very loving 71/2 yrs.
    Odie a spaniel/golden retriever cross.She is small,spayed,51/2 years.
    Tori is a mixed breed with beagle looks.7 years old.
    Please this is getting urgent.
    We are in the Vienne.

  11. Hi I look after a gite in the Gers and a young dog has taken up residence in the garden. The renters are quite happy with it there as it is very family friendly.

    I am trying to find the owners through chien trouvé notices posted in the local area, but would like your advice on next steps please.

  12. Hi, we are hoping you can help us, we are having to relocate to Uk urgently for family & work reasons and unfortunatly cannot take our 2 five year old golden labradors with us they have been spayed, chipped and inoculations are all up to date (they cannot be seperated) they are good natured dogs, good with cats just need someone to love and care for them. We also have a two year old male tabby cat which also needs to find a new home he also has been neuted, chipped and innoculations are all up to date. Could you please help us, they are such lovely animals and it is breaking our hearts but unfortunatly we do not have a choice. We are based in Barenton (normandy)

  13. Hello
    A friend of mine has found an abandonned dog in her village. She has been caring for him and has tried unsuccessfully to find his owners, and to rehome him. She unfortunately cannot keep him. He is a very sweet natured dog. Phoenix cannot take him and all the refuges are full to over flowing. Is it possible to put his details on Dog links in an effort to reach a wider audience for him.
    Thank you
    Kind regards

  14. Hi Dog Links from Sue & Chris Simmons at Chabanier in the Correze. Jennifer & Kieth brought Gizmo their Pyerean Shepherd over to us on wednesday 7/11/2012. Our Pyerean shepherd Lucas now has a soul mate and Gizmo seems to be settling in. Gizmo is turning out to be a really fun loving ball of fire and is fitting into his surroundings a treat.He is loving the fields and woods he has to strut his stuff in, and is giving our three cats a run for their money
    Sue & Chris Chabanier.

  15. Hello Evelyn
    Thank you for helping me get in touch with David. What a lovely man. ….and so good and kind with the dogs. We arranged a meeting to swop Harlequinn to me just 10 minutes from my home. What a bonus for all.
    All went very smoothly and as i had a bank meeting on the way home Harlequin went with me. He snuggled at my feet for the hour that I was there as though he had been my dog all his life.
    He will be with me for 10 days before he goes onward to the UK. He is going to be a wonderful dog for somebody. What a sweetheart he is.
    Thank you again for your help.
    I have David’s contact number if ever I need to use him.

  16. How can I find a shelter near to us.
    We have sadly had to humanely lose our labrador (12 years old with chronic renal failure), which was a shock as only 2 years ago we lost our Springer Spaniel who was nearly 18 years old and we were more expecting it. Our lab was healthy until a few short weeks ago; walked across the fields daily and swam in the lakes together with our young cocker spaniel, so it was a complete shock that she became so ill so quickly despite all treatments the vets wasn’t able to slow down or manage the renal failure.
    We said we wouldn’t get another dog but our cocker is pining. So we are lucking for another female but would either like a young dog of about a year old or a puppy. If more than 9 months old she would have to be spayed as our dogs are often over the fields with us or in the woods which border or property. I understand the arguments of an older adoptee but we and our vet feel that our cocker would settle better if she was the ‘senior’ dog.
    Type of dog isn’t too important but we would prefer a medium size dog, not too big , but certainly not a minature. I work from home and my office opens onto the courtyard where the dogs play (with the cats also) or if it is wet and cold they are either in front of the fire or under my desk. Although we have no children at home, imminent arrival of grandchildren means that in the future babies will be around, and while the children would never be left with the dogs unattended we prefer not to have staffie or bull terrier types.

    I know this may seem like a lot of demands, and before we buy a dog we would rather rescue one.
    Please advise me how i can contact the refuges. We are near Poitiers.

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