So this sad, affectionate and truly kind young man finds himself abandoned, dumped, left behind, thrown away like an old shoe and is now seriously wondering why 😦  Adopted as a puppy for the same refuge that he has now been returned to, because he didn’t get a ticket to travel with them back to the UK!!  Hold back on the comments as I’ve already made them all and it doesn’t help Dennis!


Dennis is three years old and a very sweet boy.  They did not get him castrated so I will help cover that before he is adopted or by his adopters if it helps him find his forever home!

Adopted from Saints SPA at three months old, he is now wondering what the devil has gone wrong that he finds himself re-living the dreadful memories of this place when he was first abandoned there as poor young pup 😦  What must he be thinking…. poor lad.

Dennis is chipped and vaccinated and is a good boy I am reliably told by my volunteer friend at the refuge, despite the chaos surrounding him and this at still only three years old so there must be a good patient soul in there 😦

It grieves me deeply when this kind of thing happens, it’s so heartbreaking when a dog has been suddenly and inexplicably removed from his home of several years for no good reason and so the sooner we can re-home him and relieve him of his confused and anxious fears, the better.

Please call me, Evelyn, on 05 65 69 12 26 being sure to leave me a message or contact number if I am not able to take your call straight away?  Or, email me at – all emails replied to daily.

Please don’t let Dennis disappear in to the background and be lost for years like so many, to die in old age in a concrete box or worse – his so called family let him down badly, now let’s remedy it!  Thank you.

Written by dog::links

dog::links is based near Rodez in the Aveyron, France. We help to find foster homes, temporary support, and permanent homes for dogs in need. dog::links is registered as a not-for-profit association (loi de 1901) in France, n° W122004359.

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