Three small souls waiting to be brutally killed after human discard….rescued by a wonderful friend in Romania and now sponsored by doglinks


Sisi – who sat next to her deceased master for two days before his cruel relatives dumped her in a kill shelter 🙂



Sara – kennel mate to Sisi and dumped on the same day to wait her awful fate….



…and this my friends is Lucky – little boy, same place same deal 😦


Sisi is a little female of around 5 yrs old – 10kgs

Sara is another little girl of around 4 yrs old and smaller so around 7/8kgs I would think

Lucky is a tiny boy of around 6yrs and 6/7kgs

These three will all be vet checked, blood tested, neutered and have all their vaccinations for passports – ready to travel to good homes here in France under dog:links sponsorship.

The harsh winter is hard for all strays everywhere, but especially Romania where normal temperatures drop to well below -15C every winter and lots of snow – the small and the abandoned…..stand very little chance 😦  Bad as the refuges can sometimes be here in France, there is absolutely no comparison in terms of hardship, neglect and death rates.

Many of my followers will tell you how wonderful their little Romanian rescues have settled and appreciated their forever homes here in France.  So, if one of these little ones could find a place in your heart and a warm bed by your fire…please get in touch :

Call me, Evelyn, on 05 65 69 12 26 taking care to leave me a contact number and message if I don’t get to pick up your call immediately, or email me at – all emails replied to daily.

Rescuing a dog in desperate need anywhere is the best thing you will ever do and your life will be so much richer for it.  Thank you.


Written by dog::links

dog::links is based near Rodez in the Aveyron, France. We help to find foster homes, temporary support, and permanent homes for dogs in need. dog::links is registered as a not-for-profit association (loi de 1901) in France, n° W122004359.

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