Their lives can begin now – fear, hunger, danger and death is behind them!  For the past 10 years dog::links has helped more than 190 French dogs to new homes, also away from the misery of refuges and loss of family….nobody could ever begrudge these few my help.  Anyone wondering why I choose to help dogs from Romania?  Just Google the plight of strays in Romania/Bulgaria/Serbia…..and so on – it’s terrifying cruelty way beyond the levels of the worst refuges here in France, I can assure you.  Be happy for these few lucky ones and feel free to send donations to dog::links if you feel able to support me to help a few more before the horrors of winter beset them 🙂


Thank you!


Zurly, now called Babette


Chocapic, now called Prudence – found starving in -40C of snow with her mother…


The simply gorgeous Spot – tired but so sensible and calm now in the Dordogne


Brownie getting some rest after her long brave journey, thrown on the street pregnant not even one year old – now in the  Dordogne with the other two above 🙂


This is Lili in Paris 🙂 – fending for herself with an infected eye, hiding from dogcatchers, abandoned by her owners…


This is Millie now in Brittany 🙂 – on the streets alone at 10 years old 😦


Dear old Ron – after three long years in my friend’s refuge in Bucharest after she gathered him up off the street starving….now in the Haute Vienne 🙂


….and Zinnia, the canine earthquake who is so close to my heart, who is now in the Vienne and too busy to capture any pictures at the moment 🙂  totally undaunted by her long journey, she is drinking in all the smells and excitement of her new home and very own garden…. she was abandoned with Parvo virus, found very sick, hiding under a digger on a building site..

They have all settled well thanks to their rescuers’ care and restoration before adoption- and thanks to some fantastic Brits here in France who chose to help them.  My undying gratitude to them all.

Written by dog::links

dog::links is based near Rodez in the Aveyron, France. We help to find foster homes, temporary support, and permanent homes for dogs in need. dog::links is registered as a not-for-profit association (loi de 1901) in France, n° W122004359.


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