Two nicer little chaps would be hard to find!


Bran and Tirion are 2yrs old – castrated, micro-chipped and have passports.

These two are brothers from Wales whose life here in France has turned upside down because their owner has hit some really bad times 😦  This lady has a broken heart because she has had to face doing what is best for her two little dogs so that they can have a good life whilst hers is facing extreme problems and she knows her dogs would suffer as a consequence.  Having spoken to her several times I think she is not only doing the right thing, but also a very brave one.

An amazing group of ladies (and also one super husband) here in France grouped together from Les Amis des Animaux to collect and travel this pair up to their foster home in Brittany last week in a car chain.  Without exception, each one who carried the dogs told me how simply fantastic they were on the journey and overnight stop over…..well behaved, affectionate, obedient, clean and made no waves at all.  When you consider how they must have wondered what was going on after suddenly leaving their home and and mistress and being handled by strangers…I think that’s pretty astonishingly amazing don’t you?

So now this delightful pair are with my friend Lynn Bayley up in Finistere and settling down with the rest of the pack and their new surroundings.  I think they are little gems!  For anyone interested in adopting these fellows, right now we are not sure if they can be separated as, given their recent upheaval of just under a week ago, they are still a bit reliant on each other…..time will tell.  Obviously Lynn will be able to assess them on a daily basis and will be able to answer any questions about them.  Equally I will be asking questions to make sure anyone wanting to adopt Bran and Tirion are right for them and will give them the forever home that their mistress has been assured of by me – she made the sacrifice so that her boys can have the life she wanted for them before disaster struck 😦

Call me in the first instance please, Evelyn, on 05 65 69 12 26 taking care to leave me a message with contact number should I be outside and not able to take your call straight away, or email me at – all emails replied to daily.

These are wonderful little dogs and will give lots of pleasure in return for a good home, lots of affection and a happy life.  Thank you.

Written by dog::links

dog::links is based near Rodez in the Aveyron, France. We help to find foster homes, temporary support, and permanent homes for dogs in need. dog::links is registered as a not-for-profit association (loi de 1901) in France, n° W122004359.


  1. truly beautiful if they had been oldies would have found a way of having them but as it is youngsters needing a lovely active life will be envious of the lucky person who has these dear souls

  2. Hi Everyone, These two boys have settled in really well only been here 4 days & because it is a calmer atmosphere here they have just chilled!!…..Great with the other dogs……Please do get in touch if you think you can give these two an active life….

  3. Come on you terrier people you are missing out on these two fantastic boys, they are very relaxed not like most terriers & more than happy to chill They do enjoy their walks but they are not manic Sooooo what are you waiting for??? Please get in touch if you want to meet these two cuties & you will full in love…. seeya soon xxxx

  4. well folks, I have to say I’ve run out of things to say about these two fab boys ( not like me at all to be stumped ha!) They do really need a forever home now…..Soooo please do get in touch & come to be introduced to these 2….Hope to see you soon hugs from Bran & Tirion

  5. Happy New Year Everyone
    Bran & I had a fab Christmas lots to eat & it was great toasting ours toes in front of the fire, but is it now time to move on, so we need you to share us far & wide……..We have been in foster for 6 months, we would like to go together but if it means us getting new loving homes we can be separated…….So please get in touch Love Bran & Tirion xxx

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