I am so thrilled to post that both Alice and Paddy are settled and really happy in their new homes 🙂  Their lonely sad days gone forever and they now have new pals, all day long companionship and freedom for beach fun and wide open country spaces.

My undying gratitude to Teresa and Sasha for loving Alice so much and Trudi and Stuart for giving Paddy the confidence and patience he needed bless him….if their beloved owners are able to look down and see them, they can certainly rest easy now 🙂


Alice waiting to have her daily brush which sends her into a trance 🙂


….and Paddy having a paddle!  He and his new found pal chasing the waves 🙂



update:  Help!  very sadly the network of people who had been looking in on the dogs to feed and exercise them, has now dropped to one person who is also needing to leave to go to support his family in southern France 😦  Alice and Paddy are on their own all day now 😦 and of course all night too!

Please take a minute to read and look at two beautiful dogs who need our help.

This is Alice – 14yrs old, spayed up to date passport and vaccinations.


so sad…:-(


….and this is her companion Paddy, 10yrs old, castrated, passport and vaccinated also.


….worried and confused as to why?


So now you see how beautiful they are and I can assure you they are also both a joy, with wonderful kind and affectionate natures.

Alica and Paddy came to live in a beautiful country home in France (Brittany) 6 years ago with their beloved owner.  Just the three together were tightly bonded and very happy – the dogs were this English gentleman’s whole life.

Tragedy struck this month when this kind gentleman died!  The dogs have lost their world and they have no idea where he has gone 😦   I was contacted by a relative (his only relative) who lives in the UK and who came over to make funeral arrangements, but who sadly cannot take the dogs back to England.  A wonderful little group of English friends in the village area nearby have been looking after Alice and Paddy – going to feed them and walk them several times a day and they are liaising with me in the hope that I can find these two treasures a home.  They tell me :-

Alice is an absolute dear, a little deaf now.  She craves affection, stays close by on walks, is clearly missing her owner and the companionship and love she had.  As soon as anyone sits down she will immediately come and put her head on their knee in a plea for comfort and caress – truly wonderful girl.

Paddy, a few years younger but equally affectionate, enjoys being brushed, loves his walks and does like a good chase round his field, especially the funny way he comes cannoning back when called – he likes to repeat this till he is tired out and ready for his bed 🙂  Paddy is scared stiff of thunder and low flying planes poor lad – they really upset him and he now has nobody there to reassure him 😦

Both dogs are in good health – they had their annual vaccinations and check ups this past March, a few weeks before their owner unexpectedly died (though I believe he had been ill).  These two have been wonderfully cared for all their lives – have all their papers and are now in dire straights and need to find the love and care they have lost.

Please, please….. help me find them a good home, the right home for them!  At a pinch they could be separated as I am told they are not reliant on each other particularly and distance is not an issue as I would help transport them to the home I thought was perfect for them..even back in the UK!  Obviously if they could stay together, that would be wonderful and Paddy I feel does need Alice perhaps….but I am sure he would cope with lots of attention and care.  I therefore feel that a fit and active retired couple/person would be the ideal – no small children on a regular basis as these two deserve peace and quiet and lots of attentive time in a home where people don’t work and there is not the hyper activity that inevitably comes with a young family.  Possibly not too many other dogs either – they have been used to being in their own space, but introductions to other dogs would need to be supervised as always with integrations in to a new home.

Yes I have written a lot about these two – they have wrenched at my heart and I know how much their owner would have been desperate with worry at this situation and in his memory I will see these two settled and happy as he would most certainly have wished.

Please call me, Evelyn, on 05 65 69 12 26 taking care to leave me a message and contact number should I be outside and not reach the your call in time, or email me at doglinks.fr@gmail.com – all emails replied to daily.

Please look again at these sweet sad faces……and help me to help them?  Thank you!

Written by dog::links

dog::links is based near Rodez in the Aveyron, France. We help to find foster homes, temporary support, and permanent homes for dogs in need. dog::links is registered as a not-for-profit association (loi de 1901) in France, n° W122004359.

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