Barney the Otter Hound


Anne and Bill


Barney was found in a refuge in France in the summer of 2012, in a pretty poor state.  A lovely French lady, Annie, who used to walk him got in touch with dog:links and told me about him.  She said he was not like any French breed she had seen before?  I saw the pictures and because I had seen Otter hounds before, I got in touch with the Otter Hound Rescue in the UK to verify what I thought I was looking at.

Yes…they came back, dear Helen, and confirmed this sad, scruffy, stressed mass of matted hair (whose name back then was not Barney) was indeed an Otter Hound – added to which he was very possibly abandoned/lost by English?  That we shall never know…..

Barney was not doing well and so Barney was put on dog:links and things began to happen.  A wonderful English couple, Alison and Billy, spotted Otter Hound on my blog and immediately offered to give him house room, being huge fans of the breed.  The refuge in question was not easy to deal with and we struggled to get Barney out of the department into the much needed care of Alison and Billy.  Long story short, Barney left the refuge to the muted fanfare of all involved and rested for a few weeks till his forever home appeared in the shape of Anne and Bill Riley that you see above.  His journey then began with David who transported him to the loving waiting arms of Anne and Bill in the UK and the rest is history.  Anne and Bill kept us all in touch with Barney’s progress, his wonderful new life and their very caring years, especially when Barney needed expensive surgery to remove a nasty tumour and gentle nursing back to good health for one more lovely summer.

Today Bill wrote   “Dear all,  we are very sad to have to tell you that the beautiful Barney passed away this morning.  He enjoyed several long walks yesterday and seemed fine, but became unwell in the evening.  After a restless night, he lost consciousness this morning and died peacefully in his sleep at about 11 am.  We can never thank you all enough for bringing him into our lives.  He gave us so much joy in the four short years he was with us and he loved everyone he met.  We think he was about eleven years old”.



Written by dog::links

dog::links is based near Rodez in the Aveyron, France. We help to find foster homes, temporary support, and permanent homes for dogs in need. dog::links is registered as a not-for-profit association (loi de 1901) in France, n° W122004359.

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  1. How sad I am to read Anne & Bill have lost their Barney, and so suddenly. But how lovely are they to have rescued him and given him 4 happy years full of love and care. He was a glorious, gorgeous, handsome boy wasn’t he?! I have not seen this breed before and am so pleased to have seen his picture although on a sad occasion. I hope Anne and Bill are able to smile at their memories of him before too long.

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